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Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a service available through Dairy State Bank’s Business Online Banking. This service cross-references data from checks and ACH files, allowing businesses the opportunity to review suspect items and initiate a return if needed. Whether your business is small or large, and regardless of the volume of ACH and check transactions, Positive Pay can assist with fraud prevention. View it as an insurance policy: it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Why Choose Positive Pay?

  1. Check Fraud Prevention: Positive Pay reviews check information and automatically notifies users when exceptions are detected, to quickly identify fraudulent or stale-dated checks. In addition to the check number and dollar amount, payee information is reviewed to mitigate altered or washed payee names.
  2. ACH Fraud Prevention: Positive Pay assists customers in halting unauthorized incoming ACH transactions. Businesses can readily add companies to their approved list to allow future transactions, block unauthorized entities entirely, or impose limitations on transactions, such as amount, frequency, and start/end dates.
  3. User-Friendly: Manage and monitor your account with ease using Positive Pay through our Business Online Banking platform. No additional software installation is required.

How to Get Started

Contact Us, or visit any Dairy State Bank location and talk with a Customer Service Representative to initiate the enrollment process.

Bill Pay

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Bill Pay is a time and money saving tool offered through Online Banking. This convenient service allows you to make recurring or one-time payments to your bills without having to write a check or buy postage. Plus, instead of receiving your bills in a paper format through the mail, you can choose to receive them as e-bills.

Please Contact Us to sign up for Business Bill Pay. If you need help with Bill Pay, call 1-800-877-8021 anytime, 24 hours a day and a Bill Pay Support Representative will be glad to help you.


One more convenient way to access your accounts any time you’d like. Call (800) 646-0172 to get account balance information, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, and inquire on recently cleared checks and deposits. To sign up for Telebank, Contact Us.


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This free service allows you to receive your bank statements electronically. eStatements are available each month right at your fingertips. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an e-mail notification letting you know when your bank statement is available to view. Then simply login to your Dairy State Bank Online Banking account to view your statement. From the time you sign up you will be able to view, print or save your bank statements.

  • Fast – No more waiting for the mail.
  • Easy – View, download, or print just the information you need.
  • Green – No more wasted paper.

To sign up for eStatements please Contact Us.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is like having a bank teller right in your office! It allows you to electronically transmit and deposit checks you have received without driving to the bank. With Remote Deposit, you have faster access to your funds, you save time and money, and you have greater financial efficiencies! To see if Remote Deposit is right for your business, please Contact Us.

Remote Remittance

Similar to Remote Deposit, Remote Remittance allows you to electronically transmit payments you have received without driving to the bank. It also creates a posting file that can be uploaded to your Accounts Receivable system to eliminate that need to manually process payments! Ready to make the morning deposit and accounts receivable process faster for your business? Please Contact Us.


ACH service is available through DSB Online Banking which enables you to electronically originate financial transactions from your own office. Many businesses are benefiting from the convenience, accuracy and reduced administrative costs that ACH can provide. For more information, please Contact Us.

  • Convenience – access from your own desk
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time and money