Business Online Terms and Conditions

This agreement governs Customers use of electronic services made available at or through the Dairy State Bank Business Mobile App. Availability of certain services is dependent on Customers device, and some services may not be available for use with all account types.

These Terms & Conditions are revised periodically, and may not include changes from earlier versions. By using electronic services, Customer agrees to the most recent version of this Agreement, which is available online.

Authorized Persons

Dairy State Bank may accept verbal or written instructions, including facsimile or electronic transmission of instructions via electronic banking system from any person designated as “Authorized Persons” in the applicable Service Agreement, and may also accept instructions from any person authorized to sign on the affected account(s). Customer agrees to hold Dairy State Bank harmless from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities, damages and attorney’s fees arising from or related to Dairy State Bank acting in good faith in accordance with instructions of information that was supplied for services. Unless the Agreement specifically limits the authority of a particular person, each Authorized person or Authorized Signer may act alone.

Service Charges and Fees

Customer agrees to pay Dairy State Bank the fees and charges for the services used, as reflected on a written fee schedule. Dairy State Bank may change the fees and charges by giving the Customer thirty (30) days written notice of the changes. Dairy State Bank will collect the fees and charges by debiting any of the Customers’ accounts with Dairy State Bank.

Privacy & Security

Protecting our customers’ privacy is important to us. All information gathered in connection with using Online Banking will be governed by the provisions of Dairy State Bank’s Privacy Policy which is available online at or by contacting us at (715) 234-9181.

Protecting your Login Credentials

Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts by keeping your Login Credentials confidential and ensure that you log out of Online Banking when you are finished. If you choose to activate a biometric feature (such as a fingerprint or face scanner), it is your responsibility to control access to Online Banking just as you would with your User ID and password. You acknowledge that any person who has a biometric feature stored in your device may be able to access Online Accounts on that device.

We will never ask you to share your Login Credentials, and you do not need to share your Login Credentials to send or receive money using Online Banking. Separate Login Credentials should be obtained for each Authorized Person and should never be shared. If you give another person or business access to Online Banking by sharing your Login Credentials, you agree that such third-party will be authorized to act on your behalf, and will be bound by this Agreement (and any separate agreement governing your account). Customer acknowledges that Dairy State Bank offered Customer and its Authorized Persons a commercially reasonable security procedure, and that Customer has accepted the security procedure. The Customer agrees that the security procedure, including a PIN/Password, user ID, or use of a Token and associated PIN/Password will be kept confidential by Customer and its Authorized Persons. Any activity performed using your Login Credentials, even if not specifically intended by you, will be presumed to be authorized by you. If you have shared your Login Credentials with a third-party, and wish to revoke such access, you must contact Dairy State Bank to block Online Access until new Login Credentials are established.

Contact us immediately if:

  • You would like to disable or revoke your password
  • You believe that your password or other means to access Online Banking have been lost or
  • You believe that someone may attempt to use Online Banking without your consent or has transferred money without your permission.


Neither Customer nor Dairy State Bank shall be responsible for any loss or delay caused by any failure or interruption of any electronic communication system between the Customer and Dairy State Bank, equipment, mechanical or software failure or malfunction, electrical, computer, action or inaction of governmental, civil or military authority, fire, strike, lockout or other labor disputes, flood, hurricane, war, riot, theft, earthquake, natural disaster, act of God or any other cause or causes which are unavoidable or beyond its reasonable control, default of common carriers or third party vendors, and suspension in payment by another financial institution. Dairy State Bank is not responsible for any act or failure to act by any correspondent bank, Federal Reserve Bank, SWIFT, National Automated Clearing House Association, Upper Midwest Automated Clearing House Association, or any other third party.


Customer must promptly report any error in connection with any Business Online service and any discrepancy between Customer’s records of Customer’s orders and requests (including wire, electronic commerce, and automated clearing house payment orders). Customer agrees that 60 days is a reasonable time for Customer to notify Dairy State Bank of discrepancies, including unauthorized and erroneous payment orders, unless any other applicable Deposit Account Agreements, Rules & Regulations or laws provide for a shorter notification time. Customer agrees to provide Dairy State Bank with all information requests in connection with any discrepancy. This paragraph does not modify the Deposit Rules notification requirement regarding checks paid without a properly authorized signature or errors or discrepancies other than those specifically related to a Business Online service.

Electronic Communication

If Customer provides Dairy State Bank with an address that permits electronic communication with Customer, or if Customer uses an electronic means to communicate with Dairy State Bank, including, without limitation, through the Internet, Dairy State Bank may deliver information and documents of any nature to Customer and receive information and documents of any nature from Customer by electronic means. Notwithstanding the above, Dairy State Bank, without liability to Customer, refuses to act on a value bearing communication that is not authenticated by a commercially reasonable means or to Dairy State Bank’s reasonable satisfactions. Customer agrees that Customer is responsible for and agrees that Dairy State Bank will not be liable to Customer if any unauthorized person intercepts electronic communications between Dairy State Bank and Customer in the absence of Dairy State Bank’s negligence. Customer agrees that an electronic notice sent to an address designated by the Customer, satisfies any commercially reasonable security procedure and constitutes as written notice, and that Dairy State Bank may, at their sole option, rely on such notice without obtaining a manual signature of one of its Authorized Persons.

Statements and Notices

Customer has the right to receive paper statements and other account-related notices for any account that is accessed electronically, however; may elect to receive electronic versions of account statements and notices (eStatements) by contacting the bank. Generally, the cycle time for eStatements will be the same frequency as paper statements. Upon account establishment, Customer will begin to build an 18-month electronic document history that will be available within Online Banking.

Once enrolled in electronic presentment of any document, paper versions of documents will no longer be received. Copies of required regulatory disclosures and tax statements will be mailed at no charge. Requesting copies of previously issued account statements, and requesting copies of checks or other account-specific items may incur a fee. (See Business Fee Schedule for pricing information.)

Customer is responsible for downloading and saving electronic documents. If an account is closed, online access to the closed account or associated electronic documents will no longer be available. Final account statement may be provided upon request.


Your enrollment in Dairy State Bank Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking (the “Service”) includes enrollment to receive transaction alerts and notifications (“Alerts”). Alerts are electronic notices from us that contain transactional information about your Dairy State Bank account(s). Account Alerts and Additional Alerts must be managed and/or added online through the Service. We may add new alerts from time to time, or cancel old alerts. We usually notify you when we cancel alerts, but are not obligated to do so. Dairy State Bank reserves the right to terminate its alerts service at any time without prior notice to you.

Methods of Delivery. We may provide alerts through one or more channels (“endpoints”): (a) a mobile device, by text message, (b) a mobile device, by push notification; (c) an email account, by an email message; or (d) your Dairy State Bank Online Banking message inbox. You agree to receive alerts through these endpoints, and it is your responsibility to determine that each of the service providers for the endpoints described in (a) through (c) above supports the email, push notification, and text message alerts provided through the alerts service. Please be advised that text or data charges or rates may be imposed by your endpoint service provider. Alert frequency varies by account and preferences. You agree to provide us a valid mobile phone number or email address so that we may send you alerts. If your email address or your mobile device’s number changes, you are responsible for informing us of that change. Your alerts will be updated to reflect the changes that you communicate to us with regard to your primary and secondary email addresses or mobile device number.

Alerts via Text Message. To stop alerts via text message, text “STOP” to 99588 at anytime.  Alerts sent to your primary email address will be unaffected by this action. To restore alerts on your mobile phone, just visit the alerts tab in Dairy State Bank Online Banking.  For help with SMS text alerts, text “HELP” to 99588. In case of questions please contact customer service at 715-234-9181. Our participating carriers include (but are not limited to) AT&T, SprintPCS, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular®, Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS.

Limitations. Dairy State Bank provides alerts as a convenience to you for information purposes only. An alert does not constitute a bank record for the deposit or credit account to which it pertains. We strive to provide alerts in a timely manner with accurate information. However, you acknowledge and agree that your receipt of any alerts may be delayed or prevented by factor(s) affecting your mobile phone service provider, internet service provider(s) and other factors outside Dairy State Bank’s control. We neither guarantee the delivery nor the accuracy of the contents of each Alert. You agree to not hold Dairy State Bank, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and service providers liable for losses or damages, including attorneys’ fees, that may arise, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from (a) a non-delivery, delayed delivery, or the misdirected delivery of an Alert; (b) inaccurate or incomplete content in an Alert; or (c) your reliance on or use of the information provided in an Alert for any purpose.

Alert Information. As alerts delivered via SMS, email and push notifications are not encrypted, we will never include your passcode or full account number. You acknowledge and agree that alerts may not be encrypted and may include your name and some information about your accounts, and anyone with access to your alerts will be able to view the contents of these messages.

Stop Payment Requests

The charge for each stop payment request will be the current charge for such service as detailed in the Business Fee Schedule. Our ability to process a stop payment request will depend on the payment method and whether final payment has been made.


Electronic Payments: If payment is made electronically, and it has already started processing, an online stop payment is not allowed. Stop payment request for electronic payments, if allowed, must be done with a bank representative.

Paper Checks: If the payment is made by a paper check issued on Customers behalf, and the paper check is still outstanding, it may be possible to stop payment of this item by submitting an online stop payment request.

Pre-authorized Payments: Online requests to stop a pre-authorized recurring payment or transfer are not allowed. To stop a preauthorized recurring payment, contact a bank representative at least three (3) business days before the payment is scheduled to occur.

Transfers Between Accounts

Customer may transfer funds between the eligible accounts held with Dairy State Bank, referred to as Internal Transfer. In most cases, you may transfer funds from an account in which you have an unrestricted right to withdraw funds or advance money.

Customer may initiate a one-time, scheduled, or recurring transfer of funds between any associated eligible Business Account.

Internal Transfers initiated before the daily cutoff time are generally posted immediately. In some cases, scheduled or recurring transfers may be delayed. Transfers initiated on a Business Day after the cutoff time, or transfers initiated on a non-Business Day, will begin processing on the next Business Day. In these instances, the date the transaction is processed will be considered the first Business Day, and the funds will be available in accordance with Dairy State Bank’s Funds Availability policy as described within the Account Agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content connected with Business Online Banking is the exclusive intellectual property of Dairy State Bank, our licensors, and/or Service Providers and is protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Customer may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from this content. Further, customer agrees not to reverse- engineer or decompile any technology, including any software or other content associated with Business Online Banking.

The trademarks, logos, and service marks displaced in connection with Business Online Banking are the registered and unregistered trademarks of Dairy State Bank and/or our Service Providers. Under no circumstances may customer use, copy, imitate, alter, modify, or change these trademarks. Nothing contained on, in or otherwise connected with these services should be construed as granting (by implication or otherwise) any license or right to use any trademark without the express written permission of us or the third party, which has rights to such trademark.


Customer is responsible for and must provide all mobile devices, computers, and/or other equipment software (other than any software provided by us), and services necessary to access Business Online Banking. This responsibility includes, without limitation, utilization of up to date web-browsers and access devices and the best commercially available encryption, antivirus, anti-spyware, and internet security software. Customer may need additional software that is capable of opening PDF files (such as Adobe Acrobat) to view, print, and/or save electronic versions of documents.

Restriction or Cancelation of Service

Dairy State Bank reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction initiated through Business Online Banking, and we may restrict access at any time, for any reason, and without notice. Reasons we may restrict or cancel use of Business Online Banking include: closure of account, suspicious account activity, or suspected abuse of terms and conditions outlined. Until access is re-instated, users will not be able to conduct transactions using any of the Online Services. If Dairy State Bank cancels or restricts use of Business Online Banking, we reserve the right to make no further payments from accounts, including any previously authorized transactions.

Term and Termination

Dairy State Bank reserves the right to add or eliminate Business Online Banking, and may terminate all or part of access rights at any time with or without prior notices as the law requires. Customer agrees to stop using Business Online Banking upon Dairy State Banks request. Customer may voluntarily terminate access to Business Online Banking and withdraw consent to any service agreement by contacting us. If Customer terminates access and/or withdraws consent to terms and conditions, access will no longer be available.

Indemnification/Limitation of Liability

Customer will indemnify and hold Dairy State Bank, its officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, losses, damages, suits, costs or expenses, including, attorney’s fees, incurred by Dairy State Bank arising from the acts or omissions of Customer in connection with the Service Agreements. If Customer fails to perform according to these terms, Dairy State Bank will not be liable for any loss that could have been avoided if Customer had performed according to such terms. The sole duty of Dairy State Bank is to exercise ordinary care in the performance of the obligations under the Service Agreements. Customer agrees that Dairy State Bank, its officers, directors, agents and employees will not be liable for events or circumstances beyond their reasonable control, and the liability of Dairy State Bank, its officers, directors, agents, and employees will be limited to correcting errors caused by Dairy State Bank. Customer agrees that clerical errors and mistakes in judgment do not constitute a failure to exercise ordinary care or to act in good faith. In no event shall Dairy State Bank, its officers, directors, agents, and employees be liable or responsible for consequential, exemplary, punitive, special or incidental damages or losses, including lost profits (whether the claim is in contract, tort, or otherwise, and whether or not Dairy State Bank was advised of the possibility of such losses or damages). Dairy State Bank makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, in law or in fact, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness or suitability of any of the services or software products for a particular purpose, or as to the suitability or compatibility of our software, equipment or communication interfaces with those used by customer, provided under the service agreements.


Customer represents and warrants to Dairy State Bank that (a) if the Customer is not a natural person, Customer is duly organized and validly existing, and in good standing under the laws of Customer’s state of organization, and Customer has full power and authority to carry on Customer’s business as now conducted, and is duly qualified to do business and in good standing in each jurisdiction where qualification is necessary for Customers business, and Customer has not commenced any dissolution proceedings; (b) if Customer conduces business under an assumed business or professional name, customer has properly filed assumed name certificates as required by applicable law; and (c) Customer has obtained all necessary consents to enter into this Agreement and to make it legally binding on Customer.


Customer may not assign Service Agreements without the prior written consent of Dairy State Bank, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Dairy State Bank without the prior written consent of customer, may assign the Service Agreements in whole or in part. The Service Agreements shall bind their respective successor and assigns of the parties and shall inure to the benefit of their respective successors and assigns.

Governing Law and Validity

This Agreement and the Service Agreements shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Laws of the State of Wisconsin. In the event any provision of this Agreement or the Service Agreement are legally determined to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.


The following definitions apply in these Terms and Conditions:

The words “we”, “our” and “us” mean Dairy State Bank, and respective affiliates, employees, successors, and assigns.

The words “Customer”, “you” and “your” mean Business Entity and anyone else with access to the account to perform the transactions or receive the services covered by this Agreement.

The words “account” or “accounts” mean any commercial account as included on the Business Online Banking Application and approved by Dairy State Bank in writing.

“Available Balance” is the current balance of the account minus holds and memo posted debits, plus memo posted credits.

“Business Day(s)” include Monday through Friday. The Federal Reserve Bank holidays are not Business Days.

“Check Image” means an electronic image of an original paper draft (check), payable on demand to you, and drawn on (or payable through) an office of a United States financial institution.

“Current Balance” means the account balance that is the result of the total debit and credit activity as of a specific date and time for all accounts.

“Electronic Deposit” or “Mobile Deposit” means the information (including the Check Image, dollar amount information, deposit account information, etc.) that is transmitted to us, allowing for the deposit, processing, and collection of the item.

“Hold” is a restriction on payment of all or any part of the balance in an account.

“Login Credentials” means your Username, password, token, and any other unique biometric attribute (such as facial recognition or fingerprint) used to access Business Online Banking.

“Presentments” are any debits/credits being posted to the account for the business day.

“Service Providers” means any processor or other third party that we have engaged to provide remittance capabilities, equipment, or other services in connection with Business Online Banking. This includes any agent, independent contractor, or subcontractor of any of the foregoing.

Contact Us

You may contact us through our website, at a branch, or by contacting us as described below. Please be advised that we may not immediately receive electronic messages sent, and will not take action based on electronic messages until representatives have received it and have had a reasonable time to act. If you need immediate assistance, or you would like to report an unauthorized transaction, please call us.

Email:    [email protected]

Dairy State Bank – Rice Lake: 715-234-9181                         
Monday – Wednesday 8:30 am -4:30 pm
Thursday – Friday 8:30 am -5:00 pm
Saturday – 8:30 am -12:00 noon

Write us at:
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You can download a digital copy of these terms and conditions here: Business Online Terms and Conditions