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Don't start the new year with late fees! The flurry of activities surrounding the holiday season can derail anyone’s schedule. If bills are falling through the cracks, Bill Pay is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. In just a few easy steps, you can set up one-time or automatic payments directly from your smartphone or tablet so you'll never have to miss a payment again!


Christmas happens every year, so why not save for it? Planning ahead for holidays, emergencies, retirement, education and vacations is the best way to avoid or limit debt. Whether you use automatic transfer from your paycheck to a savings account or manually set aside money, saving consistently –$25 per month, for example–will help you reach your goals.


Whether you’ve been planning a trip to visit family for the holidays, some necessary repairs at your home or just need a little breathing room in your finances, Dairy State Bank can help. Our consumer lenders are just a phone call away. They’ll take time to listen to your situation and recommend a lending option that fits your lifestyle.

Charity Fraud on the Rise

Tips to avoid giving to a scam
After another challenging year for non-profits, many of us want to give back. Unfortunately, incidents of Charity Fraud are most common just before the holidays. To be sure your donations are going to a legitimate cause, read this brief article from Charity Watch, an independent charity watchdog.
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Dairy State Bank
Dairy State Bank
Tomorrow - Saturday, Nov. 27 - is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Check out the newspapers and websites of your favorite local businesses. You'll find lots of special events and good deals. Plus, you'll be supporting your own community!
Dairy State Bank
Dairy State Bank
If you're not out shopping today, it might be a nice idea to enter our Holiday Traditions Contest! Together with the Bloomer Chamber of Commerce, we are sponsoring a contest where you write a few sentences and send us a picture of your favorite holiday tradition. See images for entry instructions. Entries that meet stated criteria will be placed into a random drawing after Dec. 6, 2021 for these PRIZES:
❄️ $75 Bloomer Chamber Dollars
❄️ $50 Bloomer Chamber Dollars
❄️ $25 Bloomer Chamber Dollars
Dairy State Bank
Dairy State Bank
Wishing our customers and their families all our best this Thanksgiving!
Dairy State Bank
Dairy State Bank
There are a lot of FAKE charities out there - sometimes their names sound like well-known charities! Read this brief article for tips on how to Avoid Donating to a Fake Charity:
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