Banking Has Never Been Easier

Purple crocuses sprout from the ground against a sky blue background next to the words: 6-Month Certificate of Deposit 5.01% APY $1,000; 5.11% APY $10,000; 5.22% APY $30,000.


Savings are popping up at Dairy State Bank as we continue special rates on our 6-month certificates of deposit. As of April 4, 2024, a minimum deposit of just $1,000 will earn 5.01% annual percentage yield* (APY), a minimum deposit of $10,000 will earn 5.11% APY, and a minimum deposit of $30,000 will earn 5.22% APY. This rate is scheduled to end on April 17, 2024. Stop in or give us a call to open a CD.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY effective as of March 21, 2024 through April 17, 2024. Minimum balance to open and obtain 5.01% APY is $1,000; 5.11% APY is $10,000; 5.22% APY is $30,000. Interest is applied at maturity. Penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on account.

The words Financial Literacy Month are superimposed over a lime green piggy bank, with a segmented line and arrow pointing to two different children’s books that are available to download for free.


April is Financial Literacy Month! Each year our employees visit elementary school classrooms this month to read and do a financial lesson with the students. However, we also make FREE read and color books by author Sam X Renick available to ALL kids in the Education Center of our website. Sammy’s Big Dream is best for kids in 2nd & 3rd grades. It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit! is best for kids in grades pre-K to 2nd.

A bed of dirt with sprouts of cash popping up symbolize the extra interest earnings you would gain by opening a Money Market account at Dairy State Bank.


Whether you have a long-range goal or just want to practice good money management, we offer several savings accounts. If you’re looking for a higher interest rate but still want access to your funds, consider a Money Market account. Keep only what you need in your regular checking, and put the rest to work in your Money Market. Interest rates are tiered and available for consumers and businesses. Check out current rates.

Power of Community Week

While we are involved in service groups and/or projects year-round, Power of Community Week is an initiative to demonstrate just how committed we are to the communities we serve. Each employee is expected to complete a community service project the week of April 15-20, 2024. Look for our red shirts in your community!
The words Wisconsin Bankers Association, Power of Community, hashtag BanksPowerWI appear in white over a field of Wisconsin Badger red.

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